How to Apply

Student Application Process

Students must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Currently enrolled in high school as a junior (11th grade) student.
  2. Completion of two years of high school science by the end of this school year.  At least one of these courses must be chemistry or physics.
  3. Attending high school in Santa Barbara or Ventura counties.
  4. Students must be US Citizens or Permanent Residents to apply for the program.

How to apply:

  • Students complete an online application 
  • Students do not send transcripts or grades.
  • Students have 1-2 of their teachers submit recommendation(s), at least one of these letters must be from a science or math teacher.
High School Teachers are asked to address the following questions when filling out the recommendation form:
How do you know this student?
Describe the student’s maturity and sense of responsibility.
Describe the student’s interest and ability to learn new science.
Describe the student’s ability to work and communicate well with others.
How strongly do you recommend we select this student for a research internship?
Please feel free to comment on any other attributes of the student you feel are important.
Teacher recommendations are due April 17.  

Interview and Selection of Students

In selecting the student apprentices, we will consider the following:

  • Interest in science, science activities, and applications
  • Ability to participate as a responsible and effective team member
  • Ability to communicate
  • Experience in previous science courses
  • Experience in previous jobs (including volunteer work)

The student’s application will be evaluated according to the above criteria, together with teacher recommendations.  If a student seems to be a good match for the program, personal interviews will be conducted and evaluated in light of the above criteria. Personal interviews will be the final screening process, so not all applicants will be contacted for an interview. Students who are not available for a personal interview cannot be accepted to the program.


Note: ALL correspondence with applicants will be via email, including award decisions.  Applicants should be sure their email address is correct and checked frequently.