Program Activities

Scientific and Engineering Research:  On most days after a morning group meeting, each apprentice spends the day working with her/his/their own graduate student mentor on a research project. Research project topics will be located in physics, chemistry, biology, materials, and earth science labs, as well as computer science and chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineering labs.

Presentation and Communication Skills: Each week, apprentices learn presentation skills and give scientific talks based on their research projects. These talks serve to prepare students for their final presentation, given to UCSB faculty and graduate students, along with the students’ family, friends, and teachers.

Additional Education and Networking Activities: On Fridays, apprentices participate in team-building activities, workshops, visits to campus and local laboratories, and seminars. 

Student Eligibility Requirements

High School Students must satisfy the following requirements in order to participate in the Apprentice Researchers:

  • Currently enrolled in high school as a junior (11th grade) student.
  • Completion of two years of high school science by the end of this school year.  At least one of these courses must be chemistry or physics.
  • Attending high school in Santa Barbara or Ventura counties or living close enough to the university to attend the daily program.
  • Students must be US Citizens or Permanent Residents to apply for the program.

Program Time Requirements

The program lasts for 6 weeks, from June 24 to August 2. For the course of the program, apprentices will spend 8 hours a day in the laboratory and/or in related meetings.  The workday starts at 9:00 am and runs until 5:00 pm.  Students must arrange for their own transportation to and from UCSB each day.  Apprentices are expected to attend every day of the program and should consider their commitment to this program as they would to any job. 

Apprenticeship Awards

Up to 10 apprenticeship awards will be given in summer 2024. Students will receive a $1600 stipend for their full participation in the apprenticeship program during the summer. Students will be required to attend all days of the program and give final talks at the end of the summer program.  Students will not pick their own research project, they will be matched based on stated interests and available projects.